Farie Dust 3

As long as I kept my grades up, I was happy. Daisy would make me do things like join their sex games. Things would usally turn into an orgy, making Chris a very happy guy with three girls. He was rough with me but gental with Daisy and Kari.

When normal sex, if you call that normal sex, would ge bored, Daisy always had a great idea. Shes tried things like blindfolding me or tieing me down. She would make me be naked for any sex game and now its starting to turn into everynight. She says to keep me in line she must spank me every night or whenever she feels the need. Afterward she tells me to go down on her to show her how grateful I am to her.

Just last week, she invited her friends in for the night. I was already tied to a chair. I was naked, bending over its back. My arms were on the seat, handcuffed to the frong legs, while my legs were spread and tied to the bottom of the back legs. I was blindfolded. Things like how valnerable I was, or that her friends saw me naked and had plans didnt go through my head. The only thing I was thinking about was being a good girl so I would be rewarded with my Fairy Dust.They all came in with Chris making cat calls. I felt him come from behind me and he was already touching me. He was playing with my backend, massaging my cheeks, spreading them to get a better view. He kneaded me hard then let go to give me a big smack on my right cheak. Daisy let out her charming laugh as she took Kari into the bathroom.

Chris game around to stand infront of me. He lifted my blindfold so he could look into my eyes in glory. He had a mysterious smirk across his face. He then removed his belt and unzipped his pants. He lifted my face by my chin and and told me to open wide. As I started to suck on his half hard manliness, he folded the belt in his hand. Before I could think about what was happening, he started to belt me. I couldnt scream because he pushed himself to the back of my throught. As soon as Chris started to develope a rhythem, Kari and Daisy popped up on either side of him. One was wearing a red teddy and the other in blue. Kari dropped to her knees and started on Chris’s balls. She was so close to me most of the time our lips were touching. Her perfume made me nausious, but not as much as Chris precuming deep in my throught

Daisy took the belt from Chris and walked behind me. She spreded my sore ass cheaks apart and started to fingerbang me very harshly. Chris all the while would talk to himself saying things like I was a slut, or his whore and I deserve everything coming to me. His thrust became stronger and all of a sudden I couldnt breath. I was swallowing as fast as I could and anything coming out of my mouth, Kari was licking up. All the while Daisy was still finger fucking me with a few of her fingers.

That night seemed to last forever. Chris fucked all of my holes and the girls did what they wanted. I was spanked and fucked. My nipples were pulled and played with. After they had enough of me tied to the chair they moved me to the bed. I was forced to have another orgy with all of them until we passed out.










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